With over 260 studios worldwide, Arthur Murray hasn't become the world leaders in dance instruction by mistake. It's the method of instruction that sets us apart from others.

Our dance programs are the key to this success. They have been designed over a number of years by the world’s top dancers and dance board members. Every program has been divided into different standards on a step-by-step basis, allowing for differing levels of perfection along your dancing journey.

Bronze is the first of these programs and is designed to make students “dancers” as opposed to people who can dance. This can be compared to a high school level of education. 

Associate bronze is the mid-way point. Here you will learn all the basics, such as footwork, dance positions, styling and poise. The Bronze 1 level gives you the opportunity to experience exams for the first time and to feel a sense of achievement.

By the time you move through Bronze 2, 3 and 4, there really is no need to say you have to “learn to dance”, meaning you have now achieved the highest level of social dancing. You know everything there is available to learn at a social level; motion, floor craft, technique, style, confidence, and probably have more patterns in your brain than you can remember!

But is enough really ever enough? 

Silver is the standard for those that wish to take their dancing to a University level. Meaning, you don’t need to “learn to dance” but are seeking that extra knowledge and level of perfection usually reserved for the large dance floor.

Those students that can’t dream of not dancing, or having their weekly lessons continue on to Silver more as a hobby rather than learning how to dance.

The finer points of showmanship and performance, advance materials and styling give those students the qualities that start to rival those on the pro-circuit. I know from personal experience, that guests at DOR can have a hard time figuring out who is the teacher and who is the student, when watching these couples on the floor. 

Gold is pure hobbyist. Reserved mainly for those that have made dancing a permanent part of their lives, enjoying their one-on-one time with their instructors, and becoming the best they can be at what they love to do best. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of people to socially dance Gold material with, so when you see this standard, it’s one of fusion and complete unity as these couples move effortlessly as one on the dance floor. 

However far you wish to take your dancing, however many steps, patterns or techniques you're looking to learn, there's a program for you, and we're always here to challenge you, push you and guide you along every step of the way.